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Open House
Thur Dec 7, 2023
12-2 & 6-8 pm

Open House Thur Dec 7, 2023 12-2 & 6-8pm

What do you get when you put a nutritionist, two therapists, and a family doc together?  Why, Self Care Saturday, of course!  We are excited to bring you a first from Luz Medicine with some of our area's most regarded health professionals for an enjoyable and educational evening together.  Coming straight to your personal device, this event is virtual and free but does require pre-registration.  Speakers will include Danielle Parris of Mid Atlantic Nutrition, April Weaver of Behavioral Healthcare Consultants, Rochelle Matthews Stoltzfus of In Process Counseling and our own Danielle Miller of Luz Medicine.  

Self Care Saturday May 15th

Self Care Saturday May 15th 7:30-9:30pm

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On Friday, March 12th from 8am to 2pm, we will be offering free ultrasound screenings to women of reproductive age.  If you have a menstrual cycle OR are less than 24 weeks pregnant, you qualify!  Let us know if you'd like to schedule your appointment today.

to check ovulation status or early pregnancy

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Free Ultrasound for all Women

March 3-6 at Spooky Nook

The WeeUsables Consignment Event is one of the most beloved children sales nationwide in our very own backyard!  Whether you need children's clothing, shoes, furniture, or other gear for little ones, you're likely to find it at an affordable price.  

While WeeUsables has been supporting families for over a decade in our region, we are excited to be present this year with the same goal.  Stop by, say hi, and grab a free mask!

At the Lancaster WeeUsables Sale

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Our team is devoted to wellness for our patients and our community at large.  We believe that positive changes in our patients' health can transform individuals, families, and future generations.  In addition to promoting health for those at Luz Medicine, we believe that extraordinary, transparent, and patient centered medical care will impact our community.  When others find out about how affordable medications, labs, and radiology are when insurance is not involved, it may shift the tide of overpriced goods and services within the healthcare industry.  Likewise, patients deserve time with their doctor, both at appointments and when needs arise after hours.  Collaborating with our patients for their care doesn't strike us as revolutionary, but elemental to the doctor patient relationship.

With Luz Medicine's additional focus on fertility wellness, we seek to transform conversations not just around excellent primary care, but fertility issues, as well.  Instead of medications and surgery being the only way to resolve fertility or women's health concerns, we find most of our patients don't rely on those approaches, or those approaches alone, to help resolve their problems.  Additionally, while young women are often the decision makers around health for their household, they are often shuffled between various medical professionals for common concerns that they face.  Instead of a separate provider for your thyroid, emotional health, menstrual or fertility concerns, and pediatric care, women and their families may all seek their care together at Luz Medicine.  Medical care for women and their families doesn't need to be scattered anymore.  Also, if you're pregnant, lactating, post partum, or have another common condition that many young women face, we're happy to partner with you, since we commonly work to help young mothers with health concerns.

Reviewing our current and past events, it is clear that Luz Medicine is involved with the community in a variety of ways.  Occasionally, we are present in the community as a host or participate in another venue's event.  Sometimes, we also host events at the office available to anyone in the public, including those who are not Luz Medicine patients.  We have also hosted virtual events in the past.  Finally, we are using our social media outlets to "start conversations" around excellent primary care and fertility wellness.  We look forward to doing more in the future to learn from those around us what they are looking for from Luz Medicine and also to continue to educate around basic health and wellness.

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