Who we are.
How we care.

Our Approach

We place patients at the center of their medical care.  At Luz Medicine, patients are able to schedule their own appointments at any time, connect with their clinician after hours, and have the time and space they need during appointments.  From a practical standpoint it makes sense for us to listen to our patients: they will be happier when given the common courtesy of being listened to.  And, from a medical perspective, we know that if we listen to our patients, they will tell us what is wrong and we can then begin to help them.    

Luz Medicine has established itself as a trusted source of healthcare to our patients and the community at large.  We equip patients in their health journey by coming alongside and sharing their health information in a transparent manner.  We enable patients to actively guide and direct their own health care, while being supported by professionals who understand the science behind their medical concerns and care deeply about their well being.  In short, we believe that together we are stronger.

We look forward to hearing from you, learning your story, and discovering how we can help you improve and sustain your health.

Our Team

Kristi is a Certified Medical Assistant who is thrilled to bring personalized care to her patients in the welcoming environment of Luz Medicine.  She has 3 wonderful children and enjoys gardening, painting, and everything that nature has to offer.  With her vast experience in health care, Kristi not only has an incredible skill set, but also strives for excellence, and providing you with the outstanding, quality health care that you deserve.

kristi arey

Amber Leed is a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner who received her master’s degree from Millersville University and completed undergraduate training through PA College of Health Sciences. She loves taking the time to build long-lasting relationships with each and every patient, not only focusing on the physical aspects of health, but also utilizing a holistic approach in which the patient is truly cared for. She is married to her high school sweetheart and has 2 children. 

amber leed

Brittany is a Certified Medical Assistant who is honored to be a part of the growing team here at Luz Medicine. She is a mother to a beautiful little girl, enjoys tending to and learning about plants, and loves going on adventures with her family. With her excellent empathy traits and sincere desire to help others, she is eager to assist others through healthcare, bringing more accessible and convenient care to her patients.  

brittany lis

Dr. Miller is a board certified family physician who received her medical degree (M.D.) from Drexel University College of Medicine and completed her residency at Lancaster General. She loves working with patients of all ages and stages in life, and finds true meaning in connecting and learning with her patients. Being able to work with patients as best she's able through Luz Medicine, is truly a dream come true.


Our Name

LUZ (Pronounced LOOZ)

Naming a business is like naming a child, you want the name to have meaning, to capture the singular uniqueness of that person, and all that you hope they embody for the future and their life. 

Similarly, much has gone into the creation of this practice.  Like the child you hope for over many years, we have been planning, discussing, and carefully anticipating Luz for quite some time.   As a result, much hope exists for how Luz will impact individuals, families, and our community by those she serves.

At its essence, "luz" is a common Spanish and Portuguese word that means "light."   In other languages, it means "strong city" or "almond tree."  These meanings provoke images of discovery and truth, strength and protection, life and growth.

That is exactly what we want to bring to you.

As representatives of Luz, we help you uncover health issues and discover solutions.  We recognize the inherent strength of each person - empowering individuals to understand their health, listening to them as experts on their own bodies, and equipping them to make informed, wise decisions.  Life and growth spur from our approach; and we nurture one another and our community in so doing.  

So, Luz.

A word with the most natural expression of all the ways we care for you, the ways we seek to help, the ways we look forward with you towards a bright future.

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Read about our Direct Primary Care and Fertility Wellness services or Contact us with any questions