Many join Luz Medicine for our specialized approach to fertility related concerns.  We work closely with all of our fertility patients to discover the details of their past medical history, perform additional relevant testing, and discover what diagnoses may be the cause of their symptoms.  With this approach, we are often able to help individuals and couples improve long standing fertility problems.

Fertility Wellness refers broadly to a variety of different fertility related concerns, both male and female, for the purposes of human reproduction or gynecologic health.  Learn more below with additional description of Fertility Wellness and also the four different fertility based services that are available.  

fertility wellness

While fertility issues are common, many struggle to find answers and heal their bodies.  Luz Medicine thoroughly evaluates those with fertility concerns, works to uncover underlying problems, and discover solutions to help resolve the causes so that the body can function normally.  Normal human bodily function includes regular menstrual periods, normal sperm counts and semen analysis, and healthy pregnancy to term.  

Oftentimes individuals and couples struggling with fertility concerns are left confused, frustrated, and alone, rather than supported while working towards feeling and being well.  We see you working through fertility challenges and we're here to help.

Our fertility wellness services require a high level of care customized to the needs of the patient.  Because this approach requires more time and specific facilities, the cost is distinct from our regular Direct Primary Care services.

Fertility Wellness at Luz Medicine includes:

• Preconception Counseling
• Infertility Workup & Treatment
• Miscarriage Prevention
• Pregnancy Supportive Care

• Irregular or Absent Menstrual Cycles 
• Abnormal Semen Analysis
• Peripartum Mood Concerns
• Post Partum Care


We work closely with new fertility patients to review their past medical history, perform any remaining testing, and discover what diagnoses may be the cause of their symptoms.  Because of the high level of care provided to new female fertility patients, their rates are higher in the first three months of membership.  After 3 months, the rates drop to that of "ongoing wellness patient."

New Fertility Patient

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New Fertility Patient

AGES 18+   $125/month

AGES <18   $95/month

Sometimes girls and women find their menstrual cycles disappear or become so irregular that they know something is wrong.  We take a detailed diagnostic approach to identify underlying causes and help make corrections to result in more normal menstrual periods.  After the first 6 months of care, most find their cycles have improved and their monthly fees are reduced. 

Cycle Support Patient

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Cycle Support Patient


It is our pleasure to partner along women and couples in their conception, pregnancy, and post partum journey.  The time in life between trying to conceive and caring for a newborn child is one that is full of change, excitement, and challenge.  In addition to your routine pregnancy practitioner, we are your collaborative medical team, guiding you each step of the way.


Maternity Care Patient

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Maternity Care Patient


We are happy to care for ongoing fertility wellness patients, who have previously met with Dr. Miller and men seeking help with abnormal semen analysis.  We will work with you closely to be sure we are supporting you and giving you the attention you need for the best care possible. 

Ongoing Wellness Patient

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Ongoing Wellness Patient