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Most join Luz Medicine for the phenomenal primary care we provide.  Direct Primary Care is a new approach to old fashioned medicine.  Each patient in the practice pays a monthly membership fee so that they have access to their physician when and how they need.  There are never copays for office visits, and patients enjoy same day and unlimited visits at their convenience.

A strong relationship between our patients and our medical team is at the core of our services.  We're available to provide you individualized, trustworthy care.  If you're looking for reliable medical advice from caring and competent professionals, and we are ready, rising to the call.

direct primary care

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative model of healthcare that allows patients and medical providers to work together the way they've always wanted.  Patients can reach out to their medical team with questions and receive prompt answers, arrange same day office visits with their personal clinician, and have the time they need to be cared for.  Instead of a doctor being responsible for thousands of patients, but not having the time for anyone, DPC doctors limit the number of patients they care for to the hundreds.  This allows patients to have increased access to their doctor, and for doctors to remain unrushed and attentive to the patient in front of them.   

Transparency and up front costs are central to Direct Primary Care.  Membership fees are clear, and there are also discounted prices available for labs, imaging studies and medications.  There are no additional fees for office visits (or telephone or virtual visits) with your medical provider.  When insurance is not used for your doctors visits or needs related to that visit (labs, x-rays, meds), costs are dramatically reduced.  No more surprise bills or inflated costs for seeing your doctor, or having common testing done.

Direct Primary Care does not use insurance coverage for basic medical costs associated with primary care.  While most patients still have insurance (and we recommend it!) in case of hospitalization or surgery, insurance is often costly for primary care related health needs.  DPC practices, including Luz Medicine, do not bill your insurance for office visits.  Instead, individuals or families pay a monthly membership fee to be patients of the practice.  By removing insurance from the doctor-patient relationship at our office, we are left with the access, time, convenience, and other benefits described above.

Ages 18+    $85/month

Ages 0-17    $60/month

For men, women, children, and families seeking basic primary care needs: physicals exams, pap/gynecologic exams, well child checks, sick visits, and ongoing medical management.  Common in office testing and in office procedures are also included in the basic membership fee.  Patients also enjoy access to their physician after hours as well as discounted rates available for labs, radiology, and medications.

Direct Primary Care

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We are happy to care for those with extensive medical, mental health and other complex health concerns.  Because of the additional time needed, rates are different for patients receiving this level of care.  We will work with you closely to be sure we are supporting you and giving you the attention you need for the best care possible. 

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For new Direct Primary Care patients, there is a $150 enrollment fee per household.  This covers everyone in the home who enrolls at that same time.  For additional family members who later decide to join Luz Medicine, there is a separate enrollment fee. 

At this time, due to a busy and growing practice taking care of our routine patients, we are unable to accommodate one time or repeat consultation patients for intermittent care.  Please reach out to us if you have additional questions.

For those with various family members interested in joining or those on a strict budget but believe Luz Medicine is the practice for them, please share your concerns with us.

Luz Medicine is excited to see that employers in Lancaster County are increasingly offering Direct Primary Care membership as part of their health benefits for employees.  Contact us directly to learn more.

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